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Just like people, your lawn needs nutrients and vitamins to thrive and fight off disease.

We highly recommend adding a Fertilizations Treatment Package in addition to your weekly mowing service to keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy. A thick lawn with deep roots is the ultimate way to keep weeds and moss out.

Our basic package is a 4-Step application process including weed/ moss/ grub control, and food. Our Premium Package is an 8-Step program that ensures that your lawn never has a bad day with additional services like Core-Aeration and Dethatching.

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At Vantage Landscaping, we use commercial grade Granular and Spray products to ensure the best results when caring for your lawn. Our team will examine your lawn to asses the required process that needs to take place in order acquire a "golf course lawn."

In addition to chemical or organic treatments, we can perform Dethatching and Core-Aeration. Using these two methods one after the other is recommended to achieve the best results. Thatch is yellow dead grass piling up at the base and must be removed from the existing lawn to make room for new grass. Then, using an aerator to make 2-3 inch cores out of the lawn so that nutrients, seeds from over-seeding, water, and air can easily enter the roots in the soil. In 2 -3 weeks, there will be no room left for broadleaf weeds to grow.

Once your lawn is established, it is important to continue the necessary process to keep the lawn the way it is. We can start with a Pre-Emergent application. Essentially this can prevent season- long growth of any Dandelion, Crab-grass, Clover and many other that could easily take over. Lime can be applied as well to change a pH in the soil as lawn grass thrives in soil with pH levels between 6-7. If below a 5.5. pH level, moss can slowly turn your lawn to a sick yellow color. If we find moss in your lawn, we can apply an application we use called Moss Out which will kill the moss with the 10% iron it has and make your lawn a nitrogen rich dark green.

Got weeds in your lawn or flower beds? Using weed control chemical or pet safe organic sprays can spot kill individual weeds while not hurting the grass or plants. The Glyphosate-Based Spray is a herbicide that prevents the weeds from producing the proteins it needs to grow.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call so we can explain in more depth of how the products can completely change the look of your property.

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